Who We Are

Millennium DPI Partners is a woman owned small business established in 2010 as separate legal entity in the partnership between Millennium Partners and Development Professionals, Inc. (DPI). Its principles are Brian and Esther Hannon (Millennium Partners), and Natalija Stamenkovic (DPI). Together, Millennium DPI Partners implement rule of law projects globally for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Rule of Law IQC awarded in 2013. 

Our Principals

Millennium DPI Partners Brian Hannon, Esther Hannon, and Natalija Stamenkovic have over 20 years experience in promoting democracy and governance, legal reform, and economic growth in countries all over the world. The team is proficient in consulting, project management and implementation.

Ms. Stamenkovic served as a Senior Rule of Law Advisor to the Europe and Eurasia Bureau at USAID, during which she managed a 26 country/160 million dollar rule of law programming portfolio that included extensive guidance to the USAID missions in Kosovo, Serbia, Georgia and Azerbaijan to design new rule of law strategies, monitor and evaluate existing projects and develop RFPs for new rule of law programs. From 2008-2010, Ms. Stamenkovic was the Director of Democracy, Governance, and Community Development at International Relief and Development where she managed large donor programs that were promoting democracy and governance in Cuba, Indonesia, and Sudan. She entered the development field in 2000 with UNHCR, where she served as a Senior Legal Advisor to the UNHCR mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She assisted in the return and reintegration of over 15,000 refugees during the three years of her service.    

Mr. Hannon, an economist, has over 28 years experience in international development has developed and managed over $280 million in fully funded USAID and other donor funded projects under economic growth, democracy, and and rule of law IQCs.  Among other achievements, he managed large USAID privatization and economic reform programs in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and directed the Center for International Enterprise (CIPE) program for Eastern Europe and Soviet Union that was funded by the National Endowment for Democracy and USAID. Earlier in his career he served in the US Government for the USAID Administrator, Alan Woods co-authoring Development and the National Interest and also at the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.  He was also a co-author of the Foreign Aid and the National Interest for USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios with Esther Hannon and Yung Whee Rhee in 2002.

Esther Hannon has worked in international development for over 20 years, specializing in democratic governance and human rights, Latin American politics, and the rule of law.  She has a Ph.D from the University of Virginia, where she has taught numerous courses on international economic and political development, the politics of corruption, rule of law and development, and Latin American politics. She has served as an analyst and consultant for the State Department and USAID, among other organizations that promote democracy and human rights.

Contracting Information

USAID Small Business Set Aside
Millennium DPI Partners is a small business holder of the Rule of Law IQC. USAID Missions and Washington can issue small business set aside task orders to Millennium DPI Partners under an exception to fair opportunity. All task orders below $1 million must be issued as small business set aside task orders.
As a Small Business We Can Deliver:
  • Rapid start-up and deployment 
  • Strong management and good client relations 
  • Over 10 years of global experience in Rule of Law 
  • Strategic and diverse partnerships including: NCSC, LexisNexis, Informatics, Global Justice Solutions, AECOM, University of Virginia Law School
  • High Impact and Value– Innovations such as Integrated Case Management Systems and mobile legal aid clinics
  • Court construction and renovation 
Contact: Sarah Logan, Contracting Officer’s Representative,
Governance and Rule of Law Team (GRoL)
Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, & Governance (DRG)
Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Tel: 202-712-1786


Our Resource Partners and Subcontractors

To ensure impact and strengthen capacity, Millennium DPI Partners has assembled a diverse and highly strategic team of subcontractors and resource partners who bring expertise and broad experience across a variety of technical areas.

Our subcontractors: National Center for State Courts (NCSC), Civilian Police International, Global Justice Solutions, LexisNexis, AECOM, BAE Systems, KeyPoint, Mazars, Mendez England, Management and Training Corporation, Phoenix Global Solutions, and Social Solutions, Inc.

Our resource partners: The Commission of Andean Jurists (Lima, Peru), Asylum Access, Alfa XP, the Federal Judicial Center, Human Rights Resource Center – ASEAN, Informatics Studio, National Organization of Legal Assistance, Tilburg University Law School, the University of Utrecht Law School, the University of Virginia Law School, the University of South Carolina Law School, and the Vera Institute of Justice, Institute for Policy Studies (Colombo, Sri Lanka).

What We Do

Under USAID’s Rule of Law IQC, Millennium DPI has provided assistance in the following areas:

  • Strengthened Checks and Balances and Judicial Independence
  • Fairness and Human Rights
  • Effective Application of the Law
  • Rule of Law in Post Conflict Environments
  • Gender and Social Exclusion


Where We Work

Millennium DPI has Rule of Law projects in:

Sri Lanka 

In September of 2013, the United States Agency for International Development(USAID) awarded the Civil Society Initiatives to Promote the Rule of Law (CSI.ROL) contract to Millennium DPI Partners.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Millennium DPI was awarded USAID’s Justice Activity project in Bosnia and Herzegovina in September of 2014. This is a five-year project funded by USAID with the purpose of achieving more accountable institutions that meet BiH citizen needs and make the government more responsive to citizens by strengthening justice sector capacity.

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In November of 2015, Millennium DPI was awarded a task order to improve the quality and delivery of justice in Kosovo. Millennium DPI will focus on removing the major impediments to efficiency and accountability in the judicial system.

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Millennium DPI is implementing a streamlined, adaptable strategy for redesigning and upgrading the Moldovan judiciary’s flagship ICT case management package, connecting the courts to the broader justice system and e-governance, and ensuring that new technology enhances the accessibility, efficiency, transparency, and accountability of justice in the country.

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Compliance & Ethics

Millennium DPI Partners is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards for all of its employees in the conduct of business and in fulfilling its contractual obligations to the US Government and other clients. We make every effort to ensure that all of our business decisions and activities are consistent with applicable laws, policies and procedures, and general ethical business standards.

Millennium DPI’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is provided to all employees in combination with ethics training to communicate the standards and values expected of each employee and anyone else working on behalf of Millennium DPI. 

Code of Business-Ethics and Conduct

Anti-trafficking Compliance Plan

Millennium DPI Partners condemns human trafficking in all forms and supports the United States Government’s policies and legislation intended to prevent such activity. Millennium DPI Partner’s Anti-Trafficking in Persons Compliance Plan is in accordance with the US Government’s policy prohibiting trafficking in persons and trafficking-related activities among their contractors, contractor employees, and their agents. The compliance plan is provided to all employees and subcontractors to ensure full compliance.

Anti-Trafficking-Compliance Plan

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