Corporate Capabilities


Millennium DPI brings together a broad range of corporate capabilities in areas of rule of law, anti-corruption, democracy and governance, and economic growth. Currently, Millennium DPI is the prime contractor implementing three projects and has completed another under USAID’s Rule of Law IQC. These include:

  • Justice sector strengthening project in Kosovo
  • Judicial capacity building and anti-corruption project in Bosnia
  • Court reorganization and innovative ICMS integration project in Moldova
  • Judicial capacity strengthening, court reform, and access to justice project in Sri Lanka.

In all our projects we emphasize citizen engagement and gender and ethnic inclusion. Millennium DPI Partners’ main objective is promoting justice as fairness and equity and we measure our impact against this standard. Our work is rooted in the belief that by promoting justice, economic opportunities and other benefits will follow.  

Our Philosophy is to:

  • Empower local staff and the communities they serve to sustain the work of reform and development after project completion.
  • Adopt an integrated approach that recognizes the links between rule of law and democratic development and economic growth.
  • Empower women and vulnerable groups while protecting their rights.
  • Develop a political economy analysis to understand who are the supporters and who are the opponents of reform and to identify the constraints and opportunities that will affect project implementation.
  • Look for windows of opportunity and potential catalysts for change.

Strategic Partnerships: To enhance our capabilities and deliver professional technical expertise, Millennium DPI has assembled a diverse and high impact team of subcontractors and resource partners. Our subcontractors are: LexisNexis, AECOM, BAE Systems, Civilian Police International, Global Justice Solutions, KeyPoint, the Louis Berger Group, Mazars, Mendez England, Management and Training Corporation, the National Center for State Courts, Phoenix Global Solutions, and Social Solutions, Inc. Our consortium also includes the following Resource Partners: The Commission of Andean Jurists, Asylum Access, Alfa XP, the Federal Judicial Center, Human Rights Resource Center – ASEAN, Informatics Studio, National Organization of Legal Assistance, the University of South Carolina Law School, Tilburg University Law School, the University of Utrecht Law School, the University of Virginia Law School and the Vera Institute of Justice.

See Projects for more details about our rule of law capabilities.