Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Period: 2014-2019
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Task: Justice Project
Value: $9.4 million

Millennium DPI was awarded USAID’s Justice Activity (JA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in September of 2014. The purpose of this five-year rule of law initiative is to aid BiH in meeting civil society’s needs for more accountable justice institutions, and to help the government become responsive to citizens by strengthening the capacity and integrity of judicial institutions. To achieve these objectives, the Justice Activity is carrying out activities to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of prosecutors to investigate and successfully prosecute corruption, organized and economic crimes.
  • Strengthen the BiH justice sector institutions to uphold public integrity and combat corruption.
Examples of Work We Do

Establishing the Prosecutor Partnership Program

The JA has  established partnership programs with 15 Prosecutor Offices in BiH to improve their capacity to combat corruption and other serious crimes. The JA team has worked closely with these offices to develop individualized Assistance Plans to meet their strategic needs such as improving their capacity to conduct effective criminal investigations and streamline internal management processes.

Extensive Specialized Training for Prosecutors and Judges on Combating Corruption

The JA fields internationally recognized experts who deliver on-the-job training and mentoring in criminal and forensic financial investigation. This assistance is provided to improve the effectiveness of prosecutors in their efforts to identify, investigate and prosecute serious corruption and other criminal behavior.

Ethics Training of Prosecutors and Judges

The JA supported the implementation of the Codes of Ethics and Conduct for Judges and Prosecutors and aided in the development of a Judicial Discipline Handbook and Benchbook to strengthen the integrity and accountability of the Justice Sector.