Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Period: 2017-2019
Country: Moldova
Task: Open Justice Project in Moldova
Value: $4.8 million

The goal of the Open Justice project is to foster a more efficient justice system, accessible to all members of society. By promoting cutting edge web-based technological solutions, Millennium DPI’s Open Justice project will improve the administration of the courts to enhance the quality of and access to justice. Open Justice is currently undertaking the following:

  •  Upgrading the Case Management System (CMS) as part of the court reorganization and optimization process to increase the efficiency of the judicial system and make it more publicly accessible and transparent. 
  • Developing a modern Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) that will be integrated with Moldova’s e-governance systems and compatible with court reorganization and optimization; through this, ICMS will become a standard of best court automation practices in the region.
  • Institutionalizing oversight of judicial performance.


Examples of Work We Do


USAID’s Open Justice project is conducting a major assessment to assist the Superior Council of Magistrates and courts to identify efficiency, accountability, and access to justice issues that have not yet been addressed. By combining a rapid impact assessment of court organization with a mapping of current court processes and procedures, the Open Justice project will assist the Superior Council of Magistrates and courts to identify bottlenecks and gaps associated with the new court structure.

Case Management System (CMS) Improvements

The project is refining the existing CMS in ways that will improve transparency and access to justice while reducing delay and transaction costs associated with judicial review. This new Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) will build upon Moldova’s existing e-governance solutions. ICMS will have the architecture that will be cost-conscious and infrastructure-sustainable for the Moldovan judiciary but state-of-the-art for new ICMS implementations in the region.  ICMS will make the judicial process more efficient while increasing judicial transparency and accessibility.

Transparency of the Justice System

Open Justice activities are designed to improve the ability of justice sector institutions to communicate with the public and to enhance trust in the process and decisions of the judicial system. The Open Justice works with the Superior Council of Magistrates, the Ministry of Justice and the courts to improve their ability to respond to requests for information, deliver press releases, and engage in community outreach. Through this concerted approach citizens will have better access to information about their rights and the processes and procedures of the legal system.